A Light for Beaufort

When we love Jesus, we want to tell as many people about him as possible.

A Light for Beaufort is an outreach effort of St. Peter’s Catholic Church in Beaufort, South Carolina.

In November 2017, our pastor challenged the congregation of St. Peter’s to think about how we are bearing fruit outside of our parish walls. Aren’t there so many people in our area in great physical need, and even more people suffering from spiritual hunger? How are we as a parish going to make a difference?

The congregation responded generously, and we began to tithe 10% of each weekend’s collection so that we can be a light for Christ in our area. Half of our tithe is supporting efforts to help people in their physical needs. The other half of our tithe supports efforts to share the Good News of Jesus Christ, such as the messages shared on this website.

For those who are searching, we hope that these messages will help you discover the beauty of Christ and our Christian faith. For those who are already in a relationship with Christ, we hope that these writings may be a source of inspiration and encouragement.

Each week, we will be sharing a new message in local newspapers as well as on social media.

Who is writing the messages?

The messages are being written by our pastor and a team of writers here at St. Peter’s.

How can we help spread the word?

You can follow our Facebook page, which will enable you to easily see our new post each Wednesday. You can like and, even more importantly, share our posts on Facebook and other social media. You can also check out the articles in the local papers and share them with friends that way.

Which newspapers have your messages?

We are currently publishing in The Beaufort Gazette and The Island Packet every Wednesday. We are also in each week’s Island News, which is found free in most Beaufort businesses, and also each week’s Jetstream, distributed free on the Marine Corps Air Station here in Beaufort.