“I Can’t Hear You!”

Hearing God in a Noisy World

Have you ever been in a noisy restaurant?

You are with a friend, trying to have a good conversation and catch up with one another. But with all of the other voices coming from nearby tables, and the music playing over the speakers, it is almost impossible to hear your friend’s voice and understand what he or she is saying.

This is what our daily lives are like.

We are always surrounded by noise of some sort. Many of us never experience true silence from the time we step out of bed to the time we climb back in. We are always hearing voices competing for our attention, often literally on television and on the radio, but also through texts, alerts on our phone, and other distractions.

The noisiest things are usually the least important.

We are given breathless updates about changes to a celebrity’s diet, the latest sports drama, or the most recent political intrigue. We are constantly urged to focus time and energy on things which won’t matter a year or even a week from now. When you think about it, isn’t it rather exhausting? And does it ever bring us the peace that we seek?

God is speaking to us, but we can’t hear him.

He is like the friend in the restaurant, sitting at the table with you. He wants to share with you from his heart; he wants to help you get to know him. But with so many voices and distractions, his voice is drowned out. His voice is a quiet voice, a voice that is heard in the silence of our hearts.

Silence allows us to hear God.

In silence, we come to understand ourselves in a deeper way. We receive new clarity on the events happening in our lives. We can start to think about the big questions in life, such as “Who am I?” and “Why am I here?” And in this quiet reflection, we allow ourselves an opportunity to meet God and to be guided by him.

Why not make room for some silence in your day?

There are many ways to build some quiet time into the day. You could enjoy a quiet cup of coffee before leaving for work, thinking about the day ahead of you. You could turn off the radio on the way to work, or take a walk on your lunch break with your phone turned off. As little as ten or fifteen minutes of silence can help give peace and clarity to your entire day!