Running on Empty?

What’s your daily prayer life like?

We often feel like we’re running on empty.

In our daily lives we can feel anxious or stressed, even though we know that God has given us many reasons for joy. We can feel lost or insecure, despite believing that God has a plan for us. We can feel distant from God, even though we have faith in his love and mercy.

Are we allowing God to fill us?

Difficult situations often come up in our lives, bringing moments of worry or anxiety. But when we are constantly experiencing these sorts of emotions, it is a sign that something needs attention. Like the indicators in our cars that tell us we are almost out of gas, these feelings are often a sign that we are not spending enough time with God in daily prayer. We are not allowing God to spiritually fill us.

How much time are we giving to God?

If we were to track how much time we spend on the phone or watching TV, it would often be hours and hours per week. But if we were to look at how much time we set aside to be with God outside of church, what would it add up to in a given week? Would it be a significant amount of time, or would it be more like the length of a typical television commercial break?

We spend time with those we love.

If we love God, we should be spending time with him each day. As we spend time opening our mind and our heart to God, we start to grow in our relationship with him. He calms our anxieties; he brings us peace; he helps us see how he is at work in our lives. We feel strengthened and refreshed, ready for the challenges and opportunities each day brings.

Daily prayer becomes easier as we jump in!

If we don’t have much of a daily habit of prayer, we can start by setting aside 10-15 minutes each day in a quiet place. We practice just being quiet with God, talking to him as a friend, and allowing him to speak back to us through silence and the reading of Scripture. Like many things worth doing in life, it probably won’t be easy at first. But as we stick with it, it gets easier and starts to feel more natural!

In this series, we will share some tips for daily prayer.

We will explore some of the ideas above in greater detail and give practical examples, so that you can develop or deepen your daily prayer life. Rather than feeling like we’re running on empty, why not allow God a chance to “refuel” us in daily prayer?

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