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Should We Speak Out?

Truth Is Meant to Be Shared

Should Christians speak out?

When Christians attempt to share Christ with others or speak out about moral issues, we are often accused of being “intolerant.” The fear of being labeled as intolerant can keep us from lovingly sharing truth with others.

A false understanding of tolerance has become popular.

In recent years, tolerance has come to mean that one should accept all viewpoints as equally true or good. It is seen as arrogant and judgmental to think that you know the truth in a particular matter, especially regarding faith or morals. It is seen as intolerant to share truth or help another person see that they are making a mistake. We must accept and celebrate everyone’s actions and beliefs, and leave everyone to whatever they want to do.

Should we tolerate a friend driving drunk?

Imagine seeing a friend at a restaurant, clearly intoxicated and about to drive himself home. Is it judgmental or arrogant to recognize that drunk driving is a dangerous and immoral course of action? Is it intolerant to challenge the friend and help him to choose a different course of action? Of course not!

Authentic tolerance means respectful disagreement.

In its original sense, tolerance means that we respect and care for all people, even if we disagree with them on important subjects. Opposing views can be discussed in an atmosphere of mutual respect. For example, an atheist and a Christian could disagree on the existence of God and still hold each other in great esteem. They could respectfully talk about these matters, trying to help each other see the truth, and even be close friends.

Without authentic tolerance, true dialogue ceases.

The irony of our “tolerant” culture is that views contrary to current political correctness are not tolerated. All viewpoints are supposed to be equally true and good, but quite often Christians are rejected as fools or bigots for adhering to Christian beliefs. Christians are expected to change their own beliefs to match what is politically correct. This is the opposite of authentic tolerance.

Christians should share the truth with love and respect.

If we really believe that Jesus is divine, and that knowing him is the source of happiness both now and after death, how can we not want to share this good news? Like Jesus himself, we do not force anyone to our way of thinking, but with love we joyfully share what is good and true!