The Adventure of a Lifetime

What if you were called on an amazing journey?

We love great adventure stories.

Often in novels and movies, ordinary people are suddenly called on an unexpected adventure. It is a mission that seems impossible, a mission that beckons them to true greatness. By the end, they have discovered truths and grown in ways that they never could have imagined.

What if we too are called on such an adventure?

We love these kinds of stories because, deep within ourselves, we sense that we are called to something special, something great. And this isn’t just a daydream; it is reality! God has indeed created us for an amazing adventure, greater than anything Hollywood has ever portrayed.

God calls us on an amazing journey.

God is not an impersonal force or energy, like gravity or electricity. Rather, he knows us and loves us in a personal way. He created us to enjoy a relationship of love with him, here on earth and one day in heaven. He invites us to share in his own divine life. This is our purpose on earth. This is the answer to the meaning of life. This is the adventure that makes all others seem small in comparison.

Our journeys are unique.

We all share this call from God to journey towards him, but the particular path will be different for each of us. He has a special plan for each of our lives, a plan which calls us to faithfully develop the talents and opportunities we have received. Along our journey, we each have some special work that God has intended for us to do, tasks that he has not intended for anyone else.

Our adventure with God enriches all areas of our lives.

Jesus taught, “Love the Lord, your God, with all your heart, mind, and soul.” (Matthew 22:37) As our love for God grows, he starts to slowly change our hearts, and our love for those around us also grows. We become better spouses, better parents, better friends. We become more fruitful employees and more engaged citizens. Rather than weighing us down or holding us back, our relationship with God allows us to live life to the fullest.

Accepting God’s call brings joy.

Like the heroes in the stories, we have to take that first step and embark on the adventure. It will not be easy; there will be hardships and trials, obstacles and foes. But there is a deep peace and joy that comes from accepting God’s call and beginning to journey with our Christian brothers and sisters on this most amazing adventure.

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